Mu Engineering

Brand and website design for an Auckland-based startup
An Auckland based gamer realised there was a gap in the market when he couldn’t find a New Zealand based company that built bespoke, ethically sourced computer cases. He decided to build his own. After prototyping his ‘mini’ computer case, he realised he wanted to share his product with other New Zealanders. He enlisted our help to bring his brand to life through logo and website design.

Logo Design should make a brand memorable

Mu Design specialises in offering high quality, ethically sourced and unique computer cases. Their product is thoughtfully engineered with size, airflow to parts and overall aesthetic design in mind. Great technology is usually masked behind a simple, fun and appealing brand. That is the approach we took with Mu Design. We wanted to create a simple, memorable logo that would look great etched into the wood and glass of the finished products.

The Logo Design Process

We worked closely with our client to determine his vision for the brand. The name Mu or μ, is taken from the same letter in the Greek Alphabet and it is a symbol meaning “micro”. We knew that the logo needed to read easily whilst still retaining the symbol it stood for. We had discussed a few possible avenues with the client and then proceeded to mockup a few logo concepts. In the end, we narrowed it down to the logo you see here.
We knew the brand and website had to be clean, clear and easy to use. We wanted to convey professionally designed products with personality and flair.

Key features

Optimising Mobile Responsive Website Design

The digital world is more mobile than it has ever been, and it is vital for a website to perform seamlessly across all devices. We purposefully designed the Mu Design brand and website differences between the desktop and mobile versions of any given page. This was to ensure that users have an optimal user journey with respect to the available screen space and the various ways we use different devices.

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