Lucidity Cloud Services

Website Design and Build for an Award winning IT support provider and Microsoft Gold Partner
Lucidity already had an established website that needed a refresh. We did a website content audit and worked with the Lucidity team to clean up the content on their site, creating better a better layout and aiding readability.

Modern Website Design

Lucidity offers an array of services within the I.T and cloud sector. As a result, their website is a hub of information and is loaded with content that’s relevant to their target audience. If presented incorrectly, this information could become overwhelming to the reader. We worked with Lucidity to ensure all information was relevant, easy to find and simple to follow.

Responsive Website Design

Lucidity’s client-base are generally tech-savvy and are very likely to access their website via mobile devices. It was therefore important when designing and implementing their new design that each page be mobile responsive and easy to navigate on a smaller screen. We also ensure to optimise all images for web, bringing down loading times. Slow website loading times are always a hinderance and can turn potential clients away before they even see your service offerings. This is especially true on mobile devices, where internet connections may already delay loading times. Cultivate can help optimise the mobile experience of your website, allowing you to reach a much wider audience.
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A website’s mobile performance serves to retain or deter website visitors. It’s critical that your website performs seamlessly and loads rapidly on mobile devices.

Key features

Clear headings and icons for readability and SEO

Your target demographic is exceptionally important when deciding how to present information on your website. Some audiences respond better when presented with less information. Others – such as in Lucidity’s case – will move away from a website that does not have all relevant information readily available. This is not exclusive to pricing pages, all the information you present should be well thought out with your specific goals in mind. We can assist you in determining the best course of action for your clients

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