Te Matakahi

Membership website for the Defence Lawyers Association New Zealand
The Defence Lawyers Association New Zealand needed a new website where their members can sign up, pay for their memberships and access membership-only content. We worked with them to come up with a fresh new look, keeping the site authentic and professional and adding the functionality they were lacking before.

Logo Design, Web Design, build and hosting

When we were approached by Te Matakahi, they did’t have any branding in place and were using Wix for their website. Wix can be a good starting point for a DIY site, but it lacked some of the key functionality we needed to implement for this new website. We opted to create a new design with a simple yet impactful brand and logo before building the new site on the Wordpress platform, allowing us to implement all the project requirements.

Restricted content, rolling membership subscriptions, conference ticket sales and more

Te Matakahi needed a site that would allow them to restrict certain content to members only and allow users to pay for their memberships. They also needed to sell tickets and t-shirts for their yearly conference and integrate these payments directly to Xero. We provided all the required functionality and implemented security measures to further protect membership data. Bespoke pages were created for the whole membership and online shop journey, ensuring all steps felt on brand and seamless.
Te Matakahi members are able sign-up, pay for memberships and to make changes to their profiles and billing information easily through the custom-designed user journey.

Key features

Membership pages, restricted content and e-commerce

The site features fully bespoke pages for the membership journey that allows members to sign up, change their personal information and see their membership status. The ability to restrict content through various parameters such as pages, page types, post categories and more was added to provide a more curated experience for their user-base. We also set up a fully customised e-commerce journey with “pay what you want” functionality and different payment options to cater to a wide range of customers. The site is secured with two factor authentication and server-side security measures to help keep sensitive data safe.

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